The First Ever Better Together Conference

October 18 – 19 | Jennifer Brown Consulting x Better Man Movement

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The Better Man Experience

Creating inclusive culture requires more than empowerment.


True change is when insights become commitments to action.


Inclusion aims to engage every person to their fullest potential.


We have a responsibility to expose and recognize our unconscious biases.


Sharing lived experiences is the best way to ignite effective change.


Transformation begins at the roots of an organization; in its culture.


The most damaging problems are those that are systemic.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Healthy, Inclusive Masculinity & Leadership

Order your copy of Showing Up by Ray Arata and Receive a FREE digital ticket to the Better Man Conference. Valued at $99.


Fostering Change, Starting at the Root

The goal of inclusion is to meet people where they are, allowing us to help them achieve their fullest potential.

Why focus on men?

Men are often not comfortable participating in diversity events because they are unsure about their role or concerned of saying something wrong.             

Who attends the conferences?

Our content focuses on engaging men and the unique male perspective in inclusion and hierarchy. However, individuals who do not identify as men are invited to gain perspective on engaging men as allies.

Why focus on leadership?

Better Man believes in promoting heart-based leadership to get the most out of  a team. That means leading with emotional literacy, vulnerability, authenticity, accountability, inclusivity, and love.

When is the next conference?

The Better Man Conference is held every few months virtually and based on different time zones so we can reach out to aspiring allies across the world. To find out when the next event is, sign up for our newsletter or check out our events page.


Better Man has collected a series of resources that spans from focusing on anti-racism, heart-focused leadership, and healthy masculinity.


Better Man works with organizations and audiences to present transformational keynote speeches as well as curated and facilitated panels and consultations.

Ready to get started?

Check out the Better Man Conference or get in touch.

Champion Allyship and Inclusion in Your Organization

Walk your talk by showing your staff that equity and inclusion are active priorities for your organization. Sponsor the Better Man Conference today and join the growing roster of companies dedicated to heart-based leadership.