Transforming Culture by Engaging Men in Equity & Inclusion

The Better Man mission is to contribute to the development of more inclusive, supportive leaders who show up as allies and use their power and privilege to transform corporate culture.

Because we understand men. With 20,000+ hours of working with men on how to live and lead from the heart, the Better Man Conference meets men where they are and creates safe spaces devoid of shame and blame, allowing vulnerability and authenticity to emerge as they begin their journeys in allyship.

We provide challenging learning environments, stimulating thought engagement and opportunities for learning, focusing on healthy and inclusive masculinity.

We guide and support male leaders, executives, directors, managers, and individual contributors in developing the competencies necessary to create a workplace (and world) where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected.

We recognize that women and people from historically marginalized groups want to support and be supported on their own respective journeys of allyship—all are welcomed and encouraged to attend. We take the fears and misconceptions surrounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, involvement, and leverage them into creating sustainable change.

How we got started? Ray Arata, Ed Gurowitz, and Dale Thomas Vaughn came together to form the Inclusionary Leadership Group to bring their vision of healthy masculinity as a transformative force in the corporate space. Their efforts grew from client workshops engaging leaders in allyship to include the first Better Man Conference in 2016 San Francisco, which was the inaugural event and aspirational force that has grown into what is now the Better Man Leadership Group.

Through our programs and services, we have established a successful track record for guiding the development of more inclusive, supportive leaders, managers, and colleagues to show up as advocates and allies who use their power and privilege to transform corporate culture.

Becoming better—a better ally, a better leader, a better man—is where it all started.

Over five years, Better Man Leadership Group has grown from providing consulting services and leading conferences to hosting more than ten Better Man Conference events. When the COVID pandemic brought the world to a halt, the Better Man community pivoted to virtual events and weekly ‘Getting Real’ calls to hold space and reflect on the events impacting us all.

Today’s leaders, particularily men, hold much of the power, and have a responsibility to use their position and power and privilege to encourage and make room for other voices and perspectives.

Ray Arata

Founder, Better Man Conference


Better Man’s leadership focuses on men as allies and advocates for DEI.

The Better Man team is dedicated to creating heart-based leadership and promoting inclusion inside and outside of the workplace.

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