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Agenda: The Ally’s Journey

The 2019 Better Man Conference is excited for you to join us in a day of exploration and deepened learning. The theme for the day will be to take participants through the four steps of the Ally’s Journey which includes the ability to meet individuals where they’re at on the learning continuum. Comprised of experiential, interactive and multimedia activities, participants will be guided through steps which build on each other, leading everyone to a place where they can choose specific commitments to lead inclusively at their own organizations.

9:00 am - Opening Remarks - Eduardo Placer, Fearless Communicators

9:10 am - Welcome and Context - Ray Arata, Better Man Conference Founder

9:20 am - Allyship in Action - Mita Mallick, Unilever

9:40am - Opening Keynote - Tony Porter, A Call To Men

KEynote Speaker: Tony Porter, CEO, a call to men


Our society fails to challenge traditional masculine norms that negatively influence leadership and organizational culture. This combined with various other means of marginalization, can impact how others are seen or heard in the workplace. In the first step of the allies journey, participants will embark on a process of increasing awareness of their biases and earned/unearned privileges to better support conscious choice for inclusive language and behavior.

10:05 am - Interactive Session - Dale Thomas Vaughn & Ariana Blossom

11:05 am - Networking Break

Facilitators: Dale Thomas Vaughn, Co-Founder, Inclusionary Leadership Group; Ariana Blossom, Founder and CEO, Blossom Consulting LLC

Step One: Acknowledge Bias and Privilege

11:05 am

Networking Break

Taking responsibility for one's unintended impact of behavior and language can be very uncomfortable..... yet it is necessary. Using virtual reality technology to illustrate workplace scenarios, participants will have the opportunity of viewing common workplace microaggressions, from multiple points of view. Whether a bystander, offender or affected person, participants will experience, discuss and identify potential solutions.

11:20 am - Interactive Session - Dr. Robin Rosenberg & Ray Arata

12:20 pm - Networking Lunch

FAcilitators: Robin Rosenberg, founder & CEO, Live in their world; Ray Arata, Better Man Conference Founder and Co-founder, Inclusionary LEadership Group

Step Two: Take Responsibility for Impact

12:20 pm

Networking Lunch

Allyship Panel

Listening with the intent to understand is a true gift, especially to someone who often feels voiceless. Whether listening as ally or receiving feedback about your own behavior, providing space for these conversations is crucial. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to actually role play scenarios from the previous session.

1:40 pm - Interactive Session - Sumayyah Emeh-Edu & Robert Beaven

2:40 pm - Networking Break

FACILITATOR: SUMAYYAH EMEH-EDU & Robert beaven, INclusionary Leadership Group

Step Three: Listen with Empathy & Compassion

2:40 pm

Networking Break

Taking all of the new insights and knowledge of the day about ourselves and others, it’s time to plan some new actions and behaviors. Using the JBC Inclusive Leader Continuum’s Four Phases, participants will consider their place in the journey and have the opportunity to address remaining fears and uncertainties, as well as generate ideas for activating and advocating from new knowledge gained. We will be joined by a panel of leaders who’ve traveled through the journey, for storytelling, guidance, and Q&A, followed by personal action planning for participants.

2:55 pm - Interactive Session - Jennifer Brown

Ally Continuum Presentation

Group Exercise on Commitments to New Practices and Behaviors

facilitator: Jennifer Brown

Step Four: Commit to New Practices

3:55 pm - Conference Close - Ray Arata