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Better Man Conference

The Better Man Conference

Online and In-Person | November 2, 2022 | San Francisco, CA and New York, NY

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Brought Together for the Better Man Conference

We’re excited to be partnering with Jennifer Brown Consulting for this year’s Better Man Conference.

What is the Better Man Conference?

A space free of shame or blame where men can examine and overcome toxic notions of masculinity and understand their roles and responsibilities in fostering inclusion, equality, and diversity. The themes for this year’s conference are Power, Patriarchy, and Privilege

Why the Better Man Conference?

Now, more than ever, it is time for men to SHOW UP. If we are to see equity, equality, and racial justice in our lifetime, the majority (men) must take responsibility to change the paradigm. It is incumbent upon us to reexamine patriarchy, learn how to share power, and use both our earned and unearned privileges for good. 

What to Expect

Interactive and Engaging Virtual and IRL Experiences with diverse experts, facilitators, and participants.

Level setting and aligning around topics like Power, Privilege, and Patriarchy, that are often roadblocks to showing up as better colleagues.

Practical and Actionable tools to deal with inertia and the fear of making mistakes.

Obstacles and Opportunities


Unpacking Power

Attendees will learn and align on what power is, where it shows up, its impact and misuse, and will be offered tools to navigate allyship and inclusionary leadership.


Trigger Warning: Patriarchy

Attendees will gain an understanding of where and how patriarchy shows up personally and in the world, and learn new ways to develop and activate a new relationship with it.


Embracing & Activating Privilege

Attendees will understand privilege beyond the binary good / bad to help them understand their own privileges and learn how to turn them into tools for inclusionary leadership.


Reset & Integration

We will visit the conversation we began about the power within the context of Patriarchy and Privilege. Now that we are aware, we can harness the power within to be in action, turning these learnings into practice in our workplaces and the world.

The Better Man Conference was an enlightening experience for me. I highly recommend this event to anyone looking to fully understand what it means to be a better leader and a better man.

I was blown away by the Better Man Conference. The conversations were impactful and I learned a lot about how my unconscious biases can affect my role as a leader.

Meet the speakers at this year’s Better Man Conference

Ray Arata


Better Man Conference

Elfi Martinez

Senior Director

Jennifer Brown Consulting

Adrienne Lawrence

Vice President

Jennifer Brown Consulting

Mark Greene


Remaking Manhood

Jennifer Brown


Jennifer Brown Consulting

Dax Devlon-Ross


Letters to My White Male Friends

Better Man understands men. With 20,000+ hours of working with men on how to live and lead from the heart, the Better Man Conference meets men where they are and creates safe spaces devoid of shame and blame, allowing vulnerability and authenticity to emerge as they begin their journeys in allyship.

Better Man provides challenging learning environments, stimulating thought engagement and opportunities for learning, focusing on healthy and inclusive masculinity.

Better Man guides and supports male leaders, executives, directors, managers, and individual contributors in developing the competencies necessary to create a work place (and world) where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected.

Better Man recognizes that women and people from historically marginalized groups want to support and be supported in their own respective journeys of allyship—all are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Did you know. . . ?

There are actually more CEOs named John and David than there are women CEOs


of CEOs are named John


of CEOs are named David


of CEOs are women

Source: Harvard Business Review

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