Thank you for being part of the first ever

Better Together Conference!

Stay tuned for updates on future Better Man hosted events.

Creating Inclusive Cultures Together

What is the Better Together Conference?

Many are striving to build competence, and confidence, to step up, and speak up, but are afraid to say the wrong thing, feeling guilty or even targeted and blamed as the problem. This conference is a space free of shame or blame where people can examine and overcome toxic notions of humanity and understand their roles and responsibilities in fostering inclusion, equality, and diversity.

Why the Better Together Conference?

The conference was born out of—and will continue to center—the idea that we need safe spaces devoid of shame and blame, to ask questions, practice, and learn how to have meaningful and authentic conversations that build bridges across differences. If we don’t, we’ll never have equitable and inclusive cultures where everyone can thrive.

What to Expect

Interactive and Engaging with diverse experts, facilitators, and participants.

Level setting and aligning around topics that are often roadblocks to showing up as better colleagues.

Practical and Actionable tools to deal with inertia and the fear of making mistakes.