An invitation to join the Better Man Movement: Changing Culture Together

Fake news. Real news... Senseless shootings in our schools by young white men. Misuse of force by police in cities across our nation resulting in young black men being killed. The movement Black Lives Matter captures our attention.…for a while. More racial tensions abound. Sexual harassment on the streets and in our workplaces. Patriarchy and the boys club still prevalent in the corporate world…but not for long.

An uprising of women are behind MeToo and Time's Up and as a reaction, the majority of men are silent. Fear appears to be the most prevalent emotion running the show for many men. Anger has long been the dominant and frequently modeled emotion for men, and now fear is giving it a run for its money. The tired and outdated model of what it means to be a man is a painful one for everyone, including men. The opportunity for a tidal shift is here.

The time has come for a new movement to emerge; for men to embark on a journey of the heart to step into being the men that their families, communities, and companies so desperately need them to be. It’s time for men to wake up, stand up and speak up as allies, partners, advocates, and supporters. Standing up and speaking up requires courage. At the root of the word courage, is a Latin root, Cor, which means heart.

Most men have grown up with and have been exposed to an unhealthy or “toxic definition“ of what it means to be a man. Living and leading from the heart requires a conscious relationship to our emotions, something that was rarely modeled or encouraged. There is a tremendous upside for women, men, and the workplace. As evidenced by news every day, our outdated model of masculinity doesn't work for women, families, organizations, and men both young and old. It is devoid of HEART.

A lot is at stake. In order for companies to compete for and retain the best talent, to be an organization with a healthy culture where their people want to work,  they can benefit by engaging the men in their organizations to participate in an overdue cultural shift.

The desire to see the workplace shift is why I am inviting both men and women to join the Better Man movement. Men and women have important roles to play in changing culture. Men and women working as partners are crucial to the movement.

A healthy masculine model to consider is one where men are awake to their bias and privilege, in touch with their emotions, and willing to take responsibility for their actions and the impact they have on others. Men who join this movement can begin to understand how vulnerability is powerful beyond most of our comprehensions. Men that join the movement and embark on a journey to the heart are empathic and compassionate individuals that partners, families, and peers respect.

Women who join the movement embrace their femininity and balance it with their masculine traits. These women are available to support men on their journey to the heart, hold them accountable, and raise their children to be powerful women and men with heart.

If we are to be more productive and successful with our personal work relationships and team successes, both men and women will need to re-imagine what it means to be a healthy masculine man in their roles as husbands, fathers leaders, and partners. The movement must be inclusive, not exclusive. It must be the new norm, not the exception. The movement to redefine masculinity must be led by men, men willing to live and lead from the heart. Men willing to stand up and speak up. Men willing to engage with other men call men out for behavior that is toxic and isn't supportive. Women have modeled for us what it looks like to start a movement, to stand up individually, and together for what’s right and against what’s wrong.

It’s our turn to Man Up…in a healthy way…for the right reasons.

Join me and other men and be part of the movement of our lifetime.

Ray Arata, Founder of the Better Man Conference

Co-Founder, Inclusionary Leadership Group

Keynote Inclusionary Leadership Speaker at

Colton Edwards