Be part of the Solution and Vote Up These SXSW2020 DEI Panels

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The panel The Courage to Be Uncomfortable: Men As Allies will feature Ray Arata (BMC founder), Elfi Martinez (Jennifer Brown Consulting), Wayne Sutton (co-founder, TechInclusion) and Jim Massey (Astrazeneca) will explore how men can move through the fear of inevitable missteps with empathy and support for each other while embracing the reality that their differences and their advantages are vital to culture change and equity. That the cost of courage is necessary in order to connect. We are excited to bring this important topic to the SXSW2020 stage.

Diversity and Inclusion in a Divided Society Diversity and personal values can often collide and make for challenging workplace dynamics. Vote this panel up!  

How to Be An Inclusive Leader -  Partner and BMC friend Jennifer Brown will be giving a talk that breaks down what inclusive leadership looks like and how we can all contribute to inclusion. Vote Jennifer’s talk up!

Courage, Self-Care and Authenticity at Work Bringing your whole self to work is not always so simple when identity, trauma and privacy intersect. Vote this panel up!