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Acknowledge Your Stuff

What’s our stuff? It’s Bias, Privilege, Emotions and Manbias

  • Bias – acknowledging your bias for gender, culture, conformity, family of origin, affinity, confirmation, authority, conscious and unconscious 
  • Privilege – acknowledge your privilege for those that are earned (education, knowledge, skill, experience) and unhearned (race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic) 
  • Emotions – acknowledging your emotions around the 5 core emotional literacy feelings of fear, joy, sadness, shame and anger
  • Manbias – acknowledging your manbias. The Man Box which refers to the enforcement of a narrowly defined set of traditional/outdated rules for being a man. that there are unwritten rules of what it means to be a man. This outdated playbook, does not work for anyone, including men and is often the driver of toxic masculinity.

Listen with Empathy & Compassion

This step focuses on listening and connection to the lived experiences of people who belong to typically excluded or marginalized groups. The key here is to listen. Listening from head is binary and this type of listening isn’t what we are shooting for. We need to slow down and seek to be present with the other person because listening from the heart requires us to bring attention to the lived experiences of others and to imagine what it is like to walk in their shoes. With an intention to actually be interested in another person’s experience and to grant them the gift of listening, they feel heard.

Take Responsibility for the Impact of Unexamined Bias & Privilege

The third step of the Ally’s Journey is taking responsibility for the impact of your bias and unexamined privilege, and when necessary, cleaning things up. Accountability is all about taking responsibility for one’s language, actions, choices, and consequences, intended or not—especially in terms of how they impact others. 

Holding personal accountability when it comes to understanding intention versus impact is critical in this step. 

Intent – Your intention for the moment is irrelevant – this makes it about you 

Impact – What is key to understand and center is the experience of the other person

There are four steps for Clean Up Conversations for when you may have messed up. For yourself

  1. Ask for an opportunity to clean things up
  2. take ownership for your language/actions “I can see that what i said or did hurt you”
  3. say sorry for what you did/said and how it made them feel
  4. Commit to work on it and resolve to do things differently

Commit to New Practices and Behaviors

  • Identify some actions you can take to improve inclusion and belonging at your organization 
  • What personal benefits, at work and/or home do you think you can derive from becoming an ally?
  • Share your journey and collaborate on a multi-year game plan for your team members 


Better Man has collected a series of resources that spans from focusing on anti-racism, heart-focused leadership, and healthy masculinity.


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