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Better Man Leadership partners and consultants are subject matter experts in a variety of areas related to inclusive leadership.


In order to create sustainable change at a systemic level, we recommend that the work starts at the top of the organization or division. Once top management has demonstrated their ongoing commitment to a just and equitable culture, the focus shifts to middle managers and HR.

Our programs are customized to fit your organization’s needs.


We believe that what a coach says may not always be comfortable, but it will always be honest and objective. Better Man Leadership coaches concentrate on the specific barriers many white men bring to being fully inclusive leaders in their organizations. The Better Man Leadership approach is action-oriented and involves exposing and recognizing unconscious biases and the impacts of privilege and power.

Our coaching is based on over 100k hours of men’s work.


The Better Man Leadership team presents transformational keynote speeches for diverse audiences. We curate and facilitate panels and fireside chats exploring topics of intersectional inclusion and active advocacy. By dismantling “manbox” culture and expanding conversations beyond the business case and into the culture of connection we seek to ensure belonging and success for everyone.

We help men be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


The Better Man Movement approach to leadership is intersectional and with an emphasis on inclusion. Our process requires nuanced non-violent communication and intentional systems to proactively include everyone regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or ability. The goal of inclusion is to engage every single person to their fullest potential — to create a true culture of belonging built around each individual’s contribution to the team and ultimately to the organization.

We meet people where they are to help ignite change.

Better Man Experience

The Better Man Experience is a scaled version of the Better Man Conference designed for an internal audience. The event provides organizations the opportunity to stand up as equity supporters in partnership with women and underrepresented groups, to change the culture and increase innovation.


Better Man has collected a series of resources that spans from focusing on anti-racism, heart-focused leadership, and healthy masculinity.


Learn more about the foundation of the Better Man Movement and how we’ve been able to reach thousands of men where they are across the globe.

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