Patriarchy, Power, and Privilege

The Better Man Conference is the training event that supports your recruitment, retention, and advancement program goals.

Why Sponsor?

Walk Your Talk by showing your staff that equity and inclusion are an active priority for your organization.

Panel Guest

Your story will support the narrative arc of the panel. When your leadership shares insights and experiences with the audience, your staff will see your values and be inspired themselves. Includes a pre-event coaching session with the featured leader and branded video files.

Featured Host

Your company logo, leadership, and inclusion journey will feature prominently in the program narrative and across marketing campaigns, content for maximum visibility. As the host, your contribution is highlighted early and often.


PR & Messaging

The best way to get your dedication to inclusion on the record. Have your logo displayed on our website, throughout our social media, email and digital campaigns as well as PR placements.


Ask Me Anything

The Better Man Team will lead an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session for your company, promoting and driving the conversation around engaging men in the workplace.

Internal Town Hall

Support your staff with the opportunity to ask questions about heart-based leadership without fear of shame or blame and see real change happen before your eyes.

Sponsor Spotlight

Your company’s branding will be featured across digital channels leading up to the event, and in front of audiences, establishing your brand as a contributor to promoting inclusive workplace culture.


Strategy Session

The Better Man Team will work with your leadership cohort in developing data-driven strategy to encourage the men in your organization to become more active as advocates. Our partnership with LiiRN uses data to accelerate change.

Lightning Talk

The 5-minute Lightning Talk is your chance to Lead Out Loud. Sponsors have the opportunity to share how their teams work toward inclusion by leading with the heart. Get your organization’s efforts on the record.


The Better Man Conference sees people from around the globe. Statistically, our conferences have seen 77.3% Men, 14.8% Women, 6.7% X, and 1.2% Trans or Non-Binary individuals.

In terms of race, our conferences have seen 57.6% White, 14.4% Asian, 11% Black, 8.7% N A, 7% Latino, and 3.9% Multi-Ethnic.

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